The Devils Series by Elizabeth O'Roark

4.16 · 213 ratings
  • A Deal With The Devil (The Devils #1)

    A Deal With The Devil (The Devils #1)

    Elizabeth O'Roark

    · 78 ratings · published 2021

    He might not be the devil, but working under him for six weeks is my idea of hell.Hayes Flynn is an arrogant jerk known best for his scotch habit and the way he spreads his British “charm” all over Hollywood, never with the same woman twice. He’s the last person I want to work for, except he has a face I can’t look away from, and the longer we’re together, the harder he is to hate. Because under that smug exterior is a heart he doesn’t want to show—one that was badly broken a decade earlier... more

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  • The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (The Devils #2)

    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (The Devils #2)

    Elizabeth O'Roark

    · 56 ratings · published 2022

    You don’t really know a guy until you’ve vacationed with him…When Drew Wilson’s ex-boyfriend Joel “Six” Bailey asks her to go on his family trip to Hawaii with him just as her life is falling apart, she decides it's the perfect time to give him another chance. The hitch? The Bailey family includes Six’s rude older brother, Joshua—a hot-nerd doctor who has hated Drew since the moment they met and once suggested she’d steal the family silver... more

  • The Devil You Know (The Devils #3)

    The Devil You Know (The Devils #3)

    Elizabeth O'Roark

    · 54 ratings · published 2022

    There’s a devil on my shoulder, and every Monday morning she announces herself. She’s this delicious flame in my chest, a flurry of whispered suggestions in my ear. Suggestions I ignore…because every single one of them is about Ben Tate.Ben—Stealer of Clients, Evicter of Homeless Women, Nemesis. Sitting across from me every damn Monday with his lovely, smug smile and his too-perfect teeth, the living symbol of everything I hate... more

  • The Devil Gets His Due (The Devils #4)

    The Devil Gets His Due (The Devils #4)

    Elizabeth O'Roark

    · 27 ratings · published 2022

    Keeley: Last January, I drunk-married my nemesis—hot, oversized geek Graham Tate. With no memory of how it came about, there was only one solution: run off before he woke up and pretend it didn’t happen. It would have worked perfectly if I hadn’t wound up pregnant.Graham is the opposite of everything I want in a man—practical, disciplined, frugal—but living with him until the baby arrives has me wondering if, perhaps, I’ve been wanting the wrong things all along... more

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