Masked Duet Series by Reese Rivers

4.30 · 80 ratings
  • Dance Butterfly Dance: A Masked Novel (Masked Duet #1)

    Dance Butterfly Dance: A Masked Novel (Masked Duet #1)

    Reese Rivers

    · 41 ratings · published 2022

    Savy’s got secrets that she’ll never tell A nobody, a nothing, all alone, she’s in hell They walk past her, ignore her, like she’s not even thereWhen all she ever wanted was someone to careNo one sees her until she steps into that cage She flutters her wings and plays her part on a stageShe hides behind her mask and dances to their tune,terrified of the day that her secrets will bloomWhen the mask is ripped away, and they rage at the lie,the Butterfly finally stops dancing and will learn how to... more

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  • Burn Butterfly Burn (Masked Duet #2)

    Burn Butterfly Burn (Masked Duet #2)

    Reese Rivers

    · 39 ratings · published 2023

    She gave them a second chance and they burned her with it. Everyone she loves leaves her and breaks her a little more. Determined to protect what's left of her shattered heart, she leaves and starts over with a mask covering the pain she lives with. A mask so cold it burns anyone who tries to get behind it.She's writing her own story now and they won't be a part of it, her book is closed to them.No matter how hot they make her burn right back.

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