Irresistibly Yours Series by J. Saman

4.26 · 68 ratings
  • Irresistibly Broken (Irresistibly Yours #1)

    Irresistibly Broken (Irresistibly Yours #1)

    J. Saman

    · 21 ratings · published 2023

    Zaxton Monroe is rich, powerful, infuriatingly gorgeous, and thinks I'm working for him to ruin his life. Problem is, he might not be wrong. Zaxton Aurelia Whitlock is an ex-stepsister I forgot long ago. Until she shows up as a design intern at my fashion company. And that's the easy part. The part where she stirs my lifeless blood, drawing me away from my soulless, miserable side is another.She has no business being here... more

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  • Irresistibly Perfect (Irresistibly Yours #2)

    Irresistibly Perfect (Irresistibly Yours #2)

    J. Saman

    · 14 ratings · published 2023

    When I was fourteen, I fell in love with the girl next door.My best friend’s sister was off-limits to me in every way.I was the bad boy, and she was the good girl. I was the kid with big rock star dreams, and she was the princess with her entire life planned out for her.We were impossible from the start. Even when she’d randomly show up at my concerts and we’d spend a night or two lost in each other it would always end in goodbye.Years later she’s back in our city... more

  • Irresistibly Wild: A Single Dad Forbidden Romance (Irresistibly Yours #3)

    Irresistibly Wild: A Single Dad Forbidden Romance (Irresistibly Yours #3)

    J. Saman

    · 17 ratings · published 2023

    Layla Fritz. Young. Beautiful. Wild. And now my med student.I slept with someone I shouldn’t have. One moment I was saving her from the clingy jerk at the bar, and the next I was making her an offer. No strings, no last names, just a wild night neither of us would forget. Until she walked into my classroom Monday morning. As my med student. Which officially makes her off-limits... more

  • Irresistibly Risky (Irresistibly Yours #4)

    Irresistibly Risky (Irresistibly Yours #4)

    J. Saman

    · 16 ratings · published 2023

    Picture this: You just won the Super Bowl. You’re out on the town celebrating with your teammates and best friends. And the cherry on top? You meet the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen.Best. Night. Ever.That is until things get going and you discover you’re suffering from a first-ever case of…performance issues.Before you can even get a fix on your problem, *Poof* she’s gone and that’s the end of that.Game over.Or so I thought... more

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