Cautionary Tails Series by Lana Kole

3.99 · 42 ratings
  • How Not to Date a Demon (Cautionary Tails #1)

    How Not to Date a Demon (Cautionary Tails #1)

    Lana Kole

    · 22 ratings · published 2023

    Did I swipe right on the wrong guy?This is a question Maeve has no choice but to ask herself as her boyfriend’s sins pile up.Besides the usual dirty socks on the floor, the dishes left sitting beside the sink, and having to clean up after him like his damned mother, now he’s brought home three solid black puppies. At the request of his boss, who’s been holding a promotion over his head since the beginning of their relationship.So fine. She’ll watch the puppies. They are pretty cute, after all... more

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  • How Not to Date a Dragon (Cautionary Tails #2)

    How Not to Date a Dragon (Cautionary Tails #2)

    Lana Kole

    · 7 ratings · published 2023

    Milo is no stranger to the fine things, so why in the world would he deny himself the finest thing he’s ever seen across the small bar in his even smaller home town?Spoiler alert: he doesn’t, and his curiosity leaves him cuffed to one of the Hunters of Obscure Artifacts.The HOA’s magic cuffs leave him unable to don his scales and his dragon itches for freedom.Trapped hand in hand with his supposed mortal enemy, that’s not the only itch Milo would mind scratching.Xander, however, has other plans... more

  • How Not to Date a Griffin (Cautionary Tails #3)

    How Not to Date a Griffin (Cautionary Tails #3)

    Lana Kole

    · 13 ratings · published 2023

    Your ride is arriving soon...Nolan Whittier never expected to find a griffin on a rideshare app.He certainly didn’t expect to get the ride of his life, either.One perfect night. That's all it was supposed to be.But when fate draws Nolan and Reid together again, there’s more between them than their insatiable chemistry. And that something is the destruction of Reid’s business at the hands of none other than Nolan’s father, to make room for the next mega hotel.One week. That’s all they have... more

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