The Loyal Boys Series by Charli Meadows

3.82 · 25 ratings
  • Bad Boy (The Loyal Boys #2)

    Bad Boy (The Loyal Boys #2)

    Charli Meadows

    · 15 ratings · published 2023

    LincThis small town is stifling, and my parents are overbearing. They only care about how others perceive us and sustaining the family legacy. I’m drowning from the pressure they’ve placed on me to be the perfect son, have perfect grades, and wear perfect, preppy clothes. No parties, no friends, no trouble, and certainly no fun.But everything changes when chaos storms into town in the form of Remington Michaels. The mysterious and dangerous new kid everyone is whispering about... more

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  • Lost Boy (The Loyal Boys #3)

    Lost Boy (The Loyal Boys #3)

    Charli Meadows

    · 10 ratings · published 2023

    FallonBeing alone is nothing new. I’ve been abandoned by everyone. Now, I have absolutely no one. I might even prefer it that way. All I really need is a guitar and my thoughts.Just shy of my eighteenth birthday, I’m forced to move across the country to live with my uncle in California. He’s the head basketball coach at Acadia Lake Prep, the new private academy I’m attending. Ryder Cruz is his star player.He makes me question things about myself and what I want... more

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