Ursa Shifters Series by Sam Hall

4.20 · 169 ratings
  • Bears in Mind (Ursa Shifters #1)

    Bears in Mind (Ursa Shifters #1)

    Sam Hall

    Rated: 4.06 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 46 ratings · published 2023

    My ex-husband broke my heart asking for an open marriage.Then I found out he had already been sleeping with someone else.So I dumped his arse and moved out,But in the process found myself in the arms of four smoking hot strangers.They pull out all the stops, lavishing me with all of the attention I’d been missing out on,But these guys have a secret... more

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  • Bears With Me (Ursa Shifters #2)

    Bears With Me (Ursa Shifters #2)

    Sam Hall

    Rated: 4.12 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 36 ratings · published 2023

    LIKELY TO BE RELEASED IN APRILMe ex tried to take everything from me.My last chance at happiness.One of the men I've given my heart to.But while before he was content to terrorise me to get what he wants, now his ambitions have widened. He's got bear shifter kind in his sights and he doesn't care who he has to hurt to take them down.But that's OK... more

  • Grin and Bear It (Ursa Shifters #3)

    Grin and Bear It (Ursa Shifters #3)

    Sam Hall

    Rated: 4.20 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 35 ratings · published 2023

    THIS BOOK IS A STANDALONE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE READ OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES.I’m a strong independent woman, but sometimes I just want someone else to fix my life. Enter four, big, strong, hunky someones...Lately I've got a lot of problems.My house is falling apart.My situationship just imploded because he messaged me for a date and he meant to invite someone else... more

  • Poke the Bear (Ursa Shifters #3.5)

    Poke the Bear (Ursa Shifters #3.5)

    Sam Hall

    Rated: 4.47 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 3 of 5
    · 15 ratings · published 2023

    READ THE BRAND NEW STORY IN THE HOT URSA SHIFTER SERIESI’ve always been invisible. People just look at me and then away.Or worse, their eyes glaze over.Everyone but him.Adam Farrelly is the top football player in the state.Every girl in the club is dying to catch his eye.But all he seems to see is me.He offers me everything I’ve ever wanted and for just one night, I’m going to say yes.After I can go back to my boring life.But apparently that is more than Adam can bear…

  • More Than I Can Bear (Ursa Shifters #4)

    More Than I Can Bear (Ursa Shifters #4)

    Sam Hall

    Rated: 4.29 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 19 ratings · published 2023

    The hottest footballer in town is searching for the girl that got away. Me. We had one amazing night together, but when I woke up I knew I needed to get back to my boring life. But he refuses to take no for an answer. The whole city is looking for the girl with the custom painted Converse But I’ve got other problems. The guy who keeps coming into my cafe, who’s as grumpy as he is hot. Or the quiet guy who lurks in the corner, then leaves poems for me to find... more

  • Cross to Bear (Ursa Shifters #5)

    Cross to Bear (Ursa Shifters #5)

    Sam Hall

    Rated: 4.38 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 18 ratings · published 2024

    When your boyfriend is a dud, but his brother and his pack are your perfect match…“You’re our fated mate,” Bjorn tells me. It’s every woman’s fantasy, isn’t it? To hear a big, tattooed bear shifter tell you that you’re the only one for him and his sleuth. So why aren’t I falling all over myself to accept the bond? Sounds great, but I’m not ready to be anyone’s girlfriend, mate, anything. My selfish ex left me hurt, exhausted, and burned out... more

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