Vicious Vengeance Duet Series by Mila Kane

3.97 · 45 ratings
  • Wicked Heir (Vicious Vengeance Duet #1)

    Wicked Heir (Vicious Vengeance Duet #1)

    Mila Kane

    · 24 ratings · published 2023

    Living alone in New York, I never felt safe, but I couldn’t leave.I was here to find the man I’d lost, seven years ago.I had no idea that he’d already found me.I had no idea that he was watching me, controlling my every movement.He was no longer the rebel kid from across the tracks, now, he’s heir to the most brutal bratva the city has ever known., and he’sWicked Heir is the 1st book in the Vicious Vengeance duet, featuring a dark, tortured anti-hero and the plucky object of his obsession... more

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  • Savage Throne (Vicious Vengeance Duet #2)

    Savage Throne (Vicious Vengeance Duet #2)

    Mila Kane

    · 21 ratings · published 2023

    A dark mafia romance (vicious vengeance duet book 2)

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