Blood, Sweat & Kisses Series by Cassie Mint

3.87 · 41 ratings
  • Fight Dirty (Blood, Sweat & Kisses #1)

    Fight Dirty (Blood, Sweat & Kisses #1)

    Cassie Mint

    · 18 ratings · published 2023

    He’s brutal and battered. The meanest fighter in the city. And I’m begging him to teach me how to fight. The first time I step foot in Jax Sutherland’s gym, he stares like I’m some badly lost tourist. All around, men are beating each other to a pulp, and I wince with every smack and grunt.Maybe I am lost. Coming here is definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so out of place it hurts. I’m a cuddler, not a fighter, and I can’t even watch scary movies. This is nuts... more

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  • Hard Knocks (Blood, Sweat & Kisses #2)

    Hard Knocks (Blood, Sweat & Kisses #2)

    Cassie Mint

    · 17 ratings · published 2023

    He’s gorgeous, muscled, and a giant pain in the ass. But when I ask for help, he comes running. I swore I’d keep my distance from my tease of a neighbor. He’s always pushing my buttons—always trying to get a rise out of me.But when a spate of break-ins makes me nervous, Dawson is the one I go to for self defense lessons. Can’t believe he’s the one I want at a time like this, but I can’t help it. All my instincts cry out for him.So we spend time together. Alone, sweaty time... more

  • Going Rogue (Blood, Sweat & Kisses #3)

    Going Rogue (Blood, Sweat & Kisses #3)

    Cassie Mint

    · 6 ratings · published 2023

    He’s a grumpy giant with swollen knuckles and a broken nose. But he’s secretly gentle with me. I didn’t come to the boxing gym to fight. Are you kidding? With these shrimp arms? I’d be a stain on the floor in ten seconds flat.Nope, I came to find someone special. Someone rough and brawny, who I could use as a model for my comic book art. The world’s most unlikely muse.And I found him, alright. Sarge talks in grunts and towers over grown men. He’s mean-looking and scary. He’s perfect... more

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