Daughter of Sparta Series by Claire M. Andrews

3.94 · 28 ratings
  • Daughter of Sparta (Daughter of Sparta #1)

    Daughter of Sparta (Daughter of Sparta #1)

    Claire M. Andrews

    · 18 ratings · published 2021

    Sparta forged her into a deadly weapon. Now the gods need her to save the world!Seventeen-year-old Daphne has spent her entire life honing her body and mind into that of a warrior, hoping to be accepted by the unyielding people of ancient Sparta. But an unexpected encounter with the goddess Artemis—who holds Daphne's brother's fate in her hands—upends the life she's worked so hard to build... more

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  • Blood of Troy (Daughter of Sparta #2)

    Blood of Troy (Daughter of Sparta #2)

    Claire M. Andrews

    · 10 ratings · published 2022

    The sequel to Daughter of Sparta thrusts warrior Daphne and her love interest, the Olympian god Apollo, into the middle of the Trojan War in an epic YA fantasy reimagining of Greek mythology. A year after saving the powers of Olympus by defeating Nyx, the Goddess of Darkness, Daphne is haunted by still-looming threats, her complicated feelings for the god Apollo, and the promise she made to the Olympian gods that she would help them again when they called upon her... more

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