Sol & Lune Series by Kathryn Moon

4.19 · 31 ratings
  • Sol & Lune: Book One (Sol & Lune #1)

    Sol & Lune: Book One (Sol & Lune #1)

    Kathryn Moon

    · 16 ratings · published 2019

    A war without end, a woman alone, and a sacred duty she must protect. Born into a war almost as old as Sol and Lune themselves, Lumen, Lady of Fenn Manor has watched her family sacrifice for years at the altar of her country's ambitions. Alone and unprotected when the enemy army arrives on her doorstep, she faces two impossible choices: run north to her countrymen, or protect her home and bear the company of the temperamental General Westbrook... more

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  • Sol & Lune: Book Two (Sol & Lune #2)

    Sol & Lune: Book Two (Sol & Lune #2)

    Kathryn Moon

    · 15 ratings · published 2020

    A woman in the shadow of the new moon…Lumen Fenn was torn down by the men who took possession of her home and has sequestered herself in the Lunar Convent, searching for peace. But being left an empty vessel of a woman makes room to be filled by new forces. Called on by her Goddess, Lumen must return to the land and the men she fled... more

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