Karen Memory Series by Elizabeth Bear

3.66 · 32 ratings
  • Karen Memory (Karen Memory #1)

    Karen Memory (Karen Memory #1)

    Elizabeth Bear

    · 21 ratings · published 2015

    “You ain’t gonna like what I have to tell you, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. See, my name is Karen Memery, like memory only spelt with an e, and I’m one of the girls what works in the Hôtel Mon Cherie on Amity Street. Hôtel has a little hat over the o like that. It’s French, so Beatrice tells me... more

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  • Stone Mad (Karen Memory #2)

    Stone Mad (Karen Memory #2)

    Elizabeth Bear

    · 11 ratings · published 2018

    Readers met the irrepressible Karen Memory in Elizabeth Bear’s 2015 novel Karen Memory, and fell in love with her steampunk Victorian Pacific Northwest city, and her down-to-earth story-telling voice.Now Karen is back with Stone Mad, a new story about spiritualists, magicians, con-men, and an angry lost tommy-knocker—a magical creature who generally lives in the deep gold mines of Alaska, but has been kidnapped and brought to Rapid City... more

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