We Are Nepenthe Series by Octavia Hyde

3.64 · 62 ratings
  • Nepenthe (We Are Nepenthe #1)

    Nepenthe (We Are Nepenthe #1)

    Octavia Hyde

    · 38 ratings · published 2019

    “It will take the whole night at least,” he said, “to implant all my eggs.” The colony planet is a death trap. Only the tiniest fraction of humanity survives the gruesome rejection virus. And then the aliens arrive. The Nepenthe, too, seek a new home world, but discover instead a species capable of incubating their precious eggs: humans. The two dying races can either reach an agreement to help each other live on … or prepare for extinction... more

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  • Host (We Are Nepenthe #2)

    Host (We Are Nepenthe #2)

    Octavia Hyde

    · 26 ratings · published 2022

    “We need hosts for our eggs. Live hosts.”A delicate new alliance between Ea Nir’s people and the humans hinges on one thing: survival.The Nepenthe will shelter and provide for these bipeds while both races seek a new home world. The humans, in return, will host Nepenthe eggs for their incubation period.In theory.The surviving humans huddle aboard the Nepenthe starvessel... more

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