Alliance Series by S.J. Tilly

4.10 · 155 ratings
  • Nero (Alliance #1)

    Nero (Alliance #1)

    S.J. Tilly

    · 58 ratings · published 2023

    Payton Running away from home at 17 wasn’t easy. Let’s face it though, nothing before, or in the ten years since, has ever been easy for me. And I’m doing okay. Sorta. I just need to keep scraping by, living under the radar. Staying out of people’s way, off people’s minds.So when a man walks through my open patio door, stepping boldly into my home, and my life, I should be scared. Frightened. Terrified. But I must be more broken than I realized, because I’m none of those things.I’m intrigued... more

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  • King (Alliance #2)

    King (Alliance #2)

    S.J. Tilly

    · 52 ratings · published 2023

    Okay, so, my bad for assuming the guy I was going on a date with wasn’t married. And my bad for taking him to a friend’s house for dinner, only to find out my friend is also friends with his wife. Because, in fact, he is married. And she happens to be at my friend’s house because her husband was busy working. Confused? So am I. Unsurprisingly, my date’s wife is super angry about finding out that her husband is a cheating asshole. Girl, I get it... more

  • DOM (Alliance #3)

    DOM (Alliance #3)

    S.J. Tilly

    · 45 ratings · published 2023

    VALWhen I was nine, I went to my first funeral. Along with accepting my father's death, I had to accept new and awful truths I wasn't prepared for.When I was nineteen, I went to my mother's funeral. We weren't close, but with her gone, I became more alone than ever before.Sure, I have a half-brother who runs The Alliance. And yeah, he's given me his protection — in the form of a bodyguard and chauffeur. But I don't have anyone that really knows me. No one to really love me.Until I meet him... more

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