Sunset Landing Series by Ellie K. Wilde

4.02 · 82 ratings
  • The Sixty/Forty Rule (Sunset Landing #1)

    The Sixty/Forty Rule (Sunset Landing #1)

    Ellie K. Wilde

    · 55 ratings · published 2022

    six-ty for-ty rule (noun): a deal you make with your pain-in-the-butt client, when hating him starts to feel a little too good.Jude Holland has slogged it for years at a chance to land a coveted job designing the city's most breathtaking restaurants and nightclubs. And when a spot opens up on her firm's design team, her boss makes her a deal: design Theo Jordan—the firm's biggest client—a new restaurant, convince him to renew his contract with the company, and the job is hers... more

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  • The No-Judgment Zone (Sunset Landing #2)

    The No-Judgment Zone (Sunset Landing #2)

    Ellie K. Wilde

    · 28 ratings · published 2023

    Two players. One apartment. A whole new game.Serial dater Finn Palmer has it down to a science: dinner, drinks, the this-is-just-sex conversation, and he’s back in his own bed by midnight. With his infectious smile and preference for one-night flings, he’s exactly the distraction Jenna Carling needs when she returns home for her sister’s dreaded wedding... more

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