Lightlark Series by Alex Aster

3.77 · 49 ratings
  • Lightlark (Lightlark #1)

    Lightlark (Lightlark #1)

    Alex Aster

    · 33 ratings · published 2023

    Welcome to the Centennial. Every 100 years, the island of Lightlark appears to host the Centennial, a deadly game that only the rulers of six realms are invited to play. The invitation is a summons—a call to embrace victory and ruin, baubles and blood. The Centennial offers the six rulers one final chance to break the curses that have plagued their realms for centuries. Each ruler has something to hide. Each realm’s curse is uniquely wicked. To destroy the curses, one ruler must die... more

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  • Nightbane (Lightlark #2)

    Nightbane (Lightlark #2)

    Alex Aster

    · 16 ratings · published 2023

    Isla Crown has secured the love of two powerful rulers and broken the curses that plagued the six realms for centuries, but few know the true origins of her powers. Now, in the wake of a crushing betrayal, Isla finds herself hungry for distraction, preferring to frequent Lightlark’s seductive haunts instead of embracing her duties as the newly crowned leader of two separate realms... more

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