Quarters Series by Tanya Huff

3.84 · 52 ratings
  • Sing the Four Quarters (Quarters #1)

    Sing the Four Quarters (Quarters #1)

    Tanya Huff

    · 21 ratings · published 2015

    The Bards of Shkoder hold the country together. They, and the elemental spirits they Sing – earth, air, fire, and water - bring the news of the sea to the mountains, news of the mountains to the plains. They give their people, from peasant to king, a song in common.Annice is a rare talent, able to Sing all four quarters, but her brother, the newly enthroned King Theron, sees her request to study at the Bardic Hall as a betrayal... more

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  • Fifth Quarter (Quarters #2)

    Fifth Quarter (Quarters #2)

    Tanya Huff

    · 17 ratings · published 2015

    THE SONG OF DEATH-Bannon and Vree, brother and sister, they are assassins of the highest caliber who have long plied their trade for the Havalkeen army. But all their skill and experience cannot save them from a magic-sprung trap that will see the two forced to share one body when the very man they've been sent to assassinate steals Bannon's body for himself. How long brother and sister can coexist in one body neither can guess... more

  • No Quarter (Quarters #3)

    No Quarter (Quarters #3)

    Tanya Huff

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    Gyhard and Vree have abandoned the Empire for the kingdom of Shkoder, hoping to enlist the bards' aid in finding Gyhard a body of his own. But there are those who have more insidious plans for them--those who will stop at nothing to exact revenge upon Gyhard no matter whose body he's in.

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