Lady of the Reeds Series by Pauline Gedge

4.18 · 25 ratings
  • Lady of the Reeds (Lady of the Reeds #1)

    Lady of the Reeds (Lady of the Reeds #1)

    Pauline Gedge

    · 12 ratings · published 2007

    She grew up on the reed-lined banks of the Upper Nile but she was not like the other villagers of Aswat. Intelligent and ambitious, Thu is convinced that her destiny is greater than to marry a peasant, tend crops and breed sons. She wants more. When Hui, aristocrat, healer and famed seer, anchors his barge at the nearby temple, young Thu swims to it, willing to offer him anything, even herself, for a glimpse of her future... more

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  • House of Illusions (Lady of the Reeds #2)

    House of Illusions (Lady of the Reeds #2)

    Pauline Gedge

    · 13 ratings · published 2007

    For many years, Thu has lived in exile, writing the tragic history of her life as the favourite concubine of Ramses III—and her role in the conspiracy to kill him. A young soldier, Kamen, has read her words and believes her testimony that she was not acting alone. When Kamen shows Thu’s manuscript to his general, he unknowingly sets in motion a stirring drama of revenge and punishment, miraculous disclosures, and unexpected vindication... more

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