Bornbane Series by I.A. Takerian

3.97 · 26 ratings
  • Rise of the Dawnbringer (Bornbane #1)

    Rise of the Dawnbringer (Bornbane #1)

    I.A. Takerian

    · 16 ratings · published 2022

    The first book in I. A. Takerian’s high-fantasy series is a slow-burn romance that surpasses the bounds of time.After living her entire life behind the white walls of the illustrious kingdom of Delinval, Princess Mara, niece of the great King Grathiel, understands what is expected of her... more

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  • A Prophecy of Undone (Bornbane #2)

    A Prophecy of Undone (Bornbane #2)

    I.A. Takerian

    · 10 ratings · published 2023

    The second book in I. A. Takerian’s high-fantasy series takes us on a perilous journey through The Trials, readying our War Party to fight for the fates of all.The world of Zenafrost is burning. Darkness has overtaken the lands, corrupting everything it touches. After discovering the truth of her birth, Mara ─ Princess of Delinval, daughter of the Dread Queen, prophesied bringer of the dawn ─ has no time to sift through the rubble of her former life... more

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