Valdemar: Mage Storms Series by Mercedes Lackey

4.10 · 77 ratings
  • Storm Warning (Valdemar: Mage Storms #1)

    Storm Warning (Valdemar: Mage Storms #1)

    Mercedes Lackey

    · 26 ratings · published 2009

    With her phenomenal Mage Winds trilogy, bestselling author Mercedes Lackey captivated fans across the country. Now in the first volume of the series sequel, she continues the same storyline, returning readers to a war-torn Valdemar in preparation to confront an ancient Eastern Empire--ruled by a monarch whose magical tactics by be beyond any sorcery known to the western kingdoms.

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  • Storm Rising (Valdemar: Mage Storms #2)

    Storm Rising (Valdemar: Mage Storms #2)

    Mercedes Lackey

    · 25 ratings · published 2009

    In Storm Rising, mysterious mage-storms are wreaking havoc on Valdemar, Karse, and all the kingdoms of the West, plaguing these lands not only with disastrous earthquakes, monsoons, and ice storms, but also with venomous magical constructs - terrifying creatures out of nightmare. Both Valdemar's Heralds and Karse's Sunpriests struggle to marshal their combined magical resources to protect their realms from these devastating, spell-fueled onslaughts... more

  • Storm Breaking (Valdemar: Mage Storms #3)

    Storm Breaking (Valdemar: Mage Storms #3)

    Mercedes Lackey

    · 26 ratings · published 1997

    As Storm Breaking opens, the western allies, led by Karal, Karsite Sunpriest and delegate to the Valdemaran Court, and the Adepts Firesong and An'desha, have traveled deep into the Dorisha Plains to locate the ancient ruins of the Tower of Urtho, Mage of Silence, creator of the gryphons... more

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