Cherry Tree Harbor Series by Melanie Harlow

4.24 · 80 ratings
  • Runaway Love (Cherry Tree Harbor #1)

    Runaway Love (Cherry Tree Harbor #1)

    Melanie Harlow

    · 38 ratings · published 2023

    Yes, I’m a single dad who needs a nanny for the summer.But hire the stranded runaway bride who shows up on my doorstep in a wedding gown with no references, no skills, and no experience?No one is that desperate.Except within twenty-four hours, down-on-her-luck Veronica Sutton manages to charm my kids, my family, and half the population of Cherry Tree Harbor into believing she’s perfect for the job.And for me... more

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  • Hideaway Heart (Cherry Tree Harbor #2)

    Hideaway Heart (Cherry Tree Harbor #2)

    Melanie Harlow

    · 31 ratings · published 2023

    All I wanted was a break–two weeks off from being Pixie Hart, country music sensation, and fourteen days of peace, privacy, and solitude as plain old Kelly Jo Sullivan. But thanks to some overzealous paparazzi, my family refuses to let me go anywhere alone, and I’m stuck sharing this tiny cabin with a tall, dark, and bearded stranger. And guess what? There’s only one bed. Well, he can couch it... more

  • Make-Believe Match (Cherry Tree Harbor #3)

    Make-Believe Match (Cherry Tree Harbor #3)

    Melanie Harlow

    · 11 ratings · published 2023

    Fall in love with my enemy? No way.Marry him to save my family’s struggling ski resort? That’s a different story…Getting hitched is the only way I can inherit Snowberry Lodge, and I’ll do anything to spare my childhood home from the wrecking ball–even wear Devlin Buckley’s ring on my finger.Not that I’ll enjoy it.Sure, he’s charming and handsome, and that no-last-names one night stand we shared ended with a fantastically big bang (I saw stars I hadn’t seen in six months, if you catch my drift)... more

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