Grumps Unleashed Series by Cassie Mint

3.86 · 43 ratings
  • Grump Gone Wild (Grumps Unleashed #1)

    Grump Gone Wild (Grumps Unleashed #1)

    Cassie Mint

    · 17 ratings · published 2023

    I’m fake-dating the man of my dreams. But these feelings? They’re all too real. Here’s some friendly advice, from me to you: don’t ever fall for your grumpy boss.And here’s another top tip: when said boss asks you to fake-date in front of his awful snooty family, say no. Run fast and run far.Whatever you do, don’t mix up what’s real and what’s fake. Don’t fall for his hungry stares, don’t let your touches linger, and definitely don’t sneak off into a hedge maze together... more

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  • Grump Gone Bad (Grumps Unleashed #2)

    Grump Gone Bad (Grumps Unleashed #2)

    Cassie Mint

    · 10 ratings · published 2023

    I’ve worked for my boss for years without a single spark between us. Now his twin brother has set me ablaze. I know as soon as I step into the penthouse office: this man is not my boss. No way. He has the same suit, same hair, same piercing blue eyes, but… nope. I’m not buying it.Because my boss has never set my pulse racing. Not once. But this guy…One single look and I’m struggling for breath.He says they’ve swapped places for a few days... more

  • Whole Lotta Grump (Grumps Unleashed #3)

    Whole Lotta Grump (Grumps Unleashed #3)

    Cassie Mint

    · 16 ratings · published 2023

    He’s surly and mean. He makes grown men cower. And I give him massages every week. Everyone in this city has heard of Hudson Katz—the Midas man. Every project he touches turns to gold. But he’s not famous for his success. Or not only for that, anyway. No, Mr Katz is famous for being a giant, grade A grump . That’s where I come in. My healing hands; my soothing demeanour. It’s my job to help the big grouch relax. Except he’s different with me. So real and raw... more

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