Binghamton Series by Meghan Quinn

4.10 · 93 ratings
  • Co-Wrecker (Binghamton #1)

    Co-Wrecker (Binghamton #1)

    Meghan Quinn

    · 24 ratings · published 2017

    What do ice cream and Sadie Montgomery have in common? They're both ice cold, but one taste is never enough. I wanted to be friends — I would have even settled for her seeing me as anything but a nerd — but there was no getting through. So just like any hard-headed, red-blooded man out there, I made up my mind. I’d make my coworker fall for me... more

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  • My Best Friend's Ex (Binghamton #2)

    My Best Friend's Ex (Binghamton #2)

    Meghan Quinn

    · 31 ratings · published 2017

    When I found an eviction notice taped on my apartment door, I had two options: find a comfortable cardboard box to call home, or move in with Tucker Jameson. Seeing that cardboard makes me feel itchy, I chose the latter. Which shouldn't be that big of a deal since Tucker is one of my good friends... more

  • Tangled Twosome (Binghamton #3)

    Tangled Twosome (Binghamton #3)

    Meghan Quinn

    · 18 ratings · published 2017

    Racer McKay is a broody bastard. From the moment I met him, he’s been rude, irritable, and unbearable. And worse? He's broke. A contractor working to remodel my parents pool house for extra cash, he stomps around in those clunky construction boots with his tool belt wrapped around his narrow waist, and a chip on his shoulder. Racer McKay is also infuriatingly . . . sexy as hell... more

  • The Other Brother (Binghamton #4)

    The Other Brother (Binghamton #4)

    Meghan Quinn

    · 20 ratings · published 2017

    I got the call. The dreaded call every child fears. My dad wasn’t well, and the man who had always been my everything needed me. There was only one thing to do; pack up and head back to my hometown. I had finally made my dream life in the city with the great job and loving boyfriend. But was there really a choice not to go? I found a wonderful job, a quaint house to rent, my boyfriend was working on joining me in Binghamton, and my favorite pizza place was only miles away. Life was good... more

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