Players of Hannaford U Series by Michelle Hercules

3.94 · 27 ratings
  • Play It Dirty (Players of Hannaford U #1)

    Play It Dirty (Players of Hannaford U #1)

    Michelle Hercules

    · 16 ratings · published 2023

    Despite my last name being Kingsley, I had to work hard for my crown. I’m a gifted hockey player but earning a spot in the Hannaford U hockey team took more than talent.When it comes to dating, that’s a different story. I’ve always had it easy. There’s never been a girl that I couldn’t win over.Until I met Gia Mancini, a goddess among mortals, not only didn’t my charms work on her, she friend-zoned me.But our story isn’t over yet... more

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  • Play It Hard (Players of Hannaford U #2)

    Play It Hard (Players of Hannaford U #2)

    Michelle Hercules

    · 11 ratings · published 2023

    I might be a hothead on the ice, but outside the arena, I’m an easygoing guy. There are only a few people I can’t stand, and Blair Westwood is one of them. From the moment we met, I knew she was an entitled brat who thought she could get her way because of who her father was. Everything changes when an injury gets me benched, and I end up going on a school trip with her. She sees me at my worst, but instead of using it to her advantage, she helps me. Now I can’t get her out of my head... more

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