Zakharov Bratva Series by Naomi West

4.15 · 41 ratings
  • Diamond Devil (Zakharov Bratva #1)

    Diamond Devil (Zakharov Bratva #1)

    Naomi West

    · 21 ratings · published 2023

    It’s my first time meeting my sister’s fiancé.I knock on the door, and who do I see with his arm around her?The man who got me pregnant.Three months ago, I almost got hit by a car.The guy behind the wheel was gorgeous as they come.We got to talking and… well, things got a little carried away, if you know what I mean.But when it was over, we went our separate ways.Except, not quite.The little plus sign on this pregnancy test that tells me our story isn’t over.But that’s a problem for another day... more

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  • Diamond Angel (Zakharov Bratva #2)

    Diamond Angel (Zakharov Bratva #2)

    Naomi West

    · 20 ratings · published 2023

    Five years ago, I ran from the devil who got me pregnant.I have a son now. A boy I’d do anything to protect.But I left behind the sister I loved more than life itself.So when Ilarion Zakharov finds me again, I have an impossible choice to Do I go back with him to the world I left behind?Or do I leave my sister to drown in the mess I caused?Ilarion doesn’t make choosing easy.With every touch, every kiss, every searing look from those blue eyes, he reminds me of the I love him... more

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