The Night Thieves Series by R.E. Bond

4.22 · 27 ratings
  • No Honor Among Thieves (The Night Thieves #1)

    No Honor Among Thieves (The Night Thieves #1)

    R.E. Bond

    · 14 ratings · published 2023

    Everyone assumes rich girls are spoiled brats.They don’t see us locked in our towers, being kept as pawns and nothing more.I’ve spent my life being caged, hidden from society to avoid shaming my father.I always knew the day would come that he’d try to marry me off in a business deal.His plans are ruined when he finds out I’ve been sneaking out and I’m not as pure as he thought.Then the Night Thieves chose my house to rob, kidnapping me in the process... more

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  • As Thick As Thieves (The Night Thieves #2)

    As Thick As Thieves (The Night Thieves #2)

    R.E. Bond

    · 13 ratings · published 2023

    He betrayed me.In doing so, he betrayed his friends too.My freedom was short lived, and now I’m shackled in this prison once more.Waiting to be saved was the reason I held on, but as the weeks pass, I know I’m on my own.Broken and bleeding, my hurt turns to anger.New allies give me hope, and for once, I don’t have to run.My peace doesn’t last long though when the Night Thieves hunt me down.I try to keep my walls up around them but it’s hard when they were deceived too... more

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