Whitlock Family Series by Corinne Michaels

4.19 · 90 ratings
  • Forbidden Hearts (Whitlock Family #1)

    Forbidden Hearts (Whitlock Family #1)

    Corinne Michaels

    Rated: 3.99 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 40 ratings · published 2023

    First rule of being a nanny? Don’t fall for the single dad, even if he is smoking hot.But that’s exactly what happens when grumpy small-town sheriff Asher Whitlock reluctantly hires me to take care of his daughter for the summer. Neither of us is thrilled with the arrangement, but he’s desperate for help, and I need the money for grad school this fall.All we need to do is keep our distance and remain professional . . . turns out, that’s easier said than done... more

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  • Broken Dreams (Whitlock Family #2)

    Broken Dreams (Whitlock Family #2)

    Corinne Michaels

    Rated: 4.26 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 23 ratings · published 2023

    What could possibly go wrong fake dating the gorgeous single dad in a small town? The answer, you fall for him. It started out perfect. Grady Whitlock needed a plus one for his business meetings, and I needed a date for a wedding.We had a plan. It was a good one.Until it wasn’t.I was not supposed to have feelings for him. I was not going to let my heart race when his soulful blue eyes stared into mine... more

  • Tempting Promises (Whitlock Family #3)

    Tempting Promises (Whitlock Family #3)

    Corinne Michaels

    Rated: 4.39 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 21 ratings · published 2024

    What’s the worst thing you could do when you’re stranded in the woods with your rival? Sleep with him. That’s what. Not only is Rowan Whitlock my sister’s ex, but we’re both vying for the contract that would save my family farm. So why did it have to be Rowan who came to the rescue after I fell on a remote hiking trail? When the weather turned unexpectedly, we were forced to find shelter and ride out the storm. Only that wasn’t the only thing I ended up riding... more

  • Forgotten Desires (Whitlock Family #4)

    Forgotten Desires (Whitlock Family #4)

    Corinne Michaels

    Rated: 4.67 of 5 stars
    · 6 ratings · published 2024

    He’s a billionaire in need of a wife … And I’m his ex who can’t say no to him. Ten years ago Carson Knight was my one great love, but he abandoned me without a trace. Now he’s a billionaire single-dad in need of a temporary wife. And he’s at my house on one knee with a proposal … Marry him, so he’s more likely to win full custody of his daughter, keeping her safe from her unstable mother. In return, he’ll take care of the medical expenses for a surgery my father needs to survive... more

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