Pucked Up Omegaverse Series by Sarah Blue

3.95 · 60 ratings
  • One Pucked Up Pack (Pucked Up Omegaverse #1)

    One Pucked Up Pack (Pucked Up Omegaverse #1)

    Sarah Blue

    · 41 ratings · published 2023

    Winter break wasn’t supposed to turn into a whirlwind romance for Charlotte Anderson. She finds her dream pack landing in her lap, just a year before she’s due to graduate.But life is never that easy, especially when the men she falls in love with are all getting drafted to different hockey teams. Long distance is hard. It’s even harder when the people you trusted the most aren’t there for you in your worst moment.Charlotte thought she could move on... more

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  • Don't Puck With My Heart (Pucked Up Omegaverse #2)

    Don't Puck With My Heart (Pucked Up Omegaverse #2)

    Sarah Blue

    · 19 ratings · published 2023

    Having a pack isn’t even on the radar for Dr. Piper Blake. Her focus is strictly on her surgical residency. There’s no time for dating when the standards you set for yourself are sky high. Unfortunately for Piper, the captain of the New Haven Foxes has a different idea. Alexi Bandnin is ready to make this his best season yet, by winning the Cup, and building his dream pack in the process... more

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