The Elenium Series by David Eddings

4.00 · 88 ratings
  • The Diamond Throne (The Elenium #1)

    The Diamond Throne (The Elenium #1)

    David Eddings

    Rated: 3.97 of 5 stars
    · 30 ratings · published 1989

    Sparhawk, Pandion Knight, and Queen's Champion have returned to Elenia after ten years of exile, only to find young Queen Ehlanda trapped in a block of ensorcelled crystal. As Sparhawk sets out to find a cure for Ehlana, he discovers that only he can defeat the evil plots that threaten her rule....

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  • The Ruby Knight (The Elenium #2)

    The Ruby Knight (The Elenium #2)

    David Eddings

    Rated: 4.00 of 5 stars
    · 30 ratings · published 1990

    Ehlana, Queen of Elenia, has been poisoned. A deep enchantment sustains her life, but it will end soon. Then Sparhawk, Pandian Knight and the Queen's Champion, learns where to get to cure for the poison. He and his companions set forth on a dangerous quest to find the antidote before the queen should perish and the peace ends....

  • The Sapphire Rose (The Elenium #3)

    The Sapphire Rose (The Elenium #3)

    David Eddings

    Rated: 4.02 of 5 stars
    · 28 ratings · published 1991

    David Eddings returns to The Elenium, the splendid fantasy series that began with the thrilling novels Diamond Throne and Ruby Knight. Finally the knight Sparhawk had come to possess Bhelliom, legendary jewel of magic that alone could save Queen Ehlana from the deadly poison that had felled her father. Sparhawk and Sephrenia, ageless instructor in Styric magics, made haste to free Ehlana from the crystalline cocoon that had preserved her life while they desperately sought a cure... more

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