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Silke Jahn


Silke is a both a romance book nerd and a programming geek, two things which uniquely qualify her for building When she is not occupied with the site or desperately trying to find her next great read, she creates mashable and deconstructable audio-visual music pieces as a member of Musicjelly. As such, she is one of very few people who finance their smut with their art - and not the other way 'round.

Kristen Donnelly

Review Maven

Kristen's favorite romances are ones with sassy heroines, heroes who use their words, and happily ever afters. If there's a big lump of a dog, all the better. After more than a decade embracing wanderlust and professionally collecting passport stamps, she currently lives and works in the American Northeast, spending her days as a researcher and her evenings as a bookworm. Her husband is still under the impression that there's such a thing as 'too many books', an error she is desperately trying to correct.

Danielle Hardgrave

Review Maven

Danielle is based out of the Pacific Northwest, and spends her often-rainy days working and daydreaming. In the evening, she can be found either curled up in bed with a good romance or cozy mystery, or sprawled at her desk writing paranormal romance for Caldwell Publishing. Danielle likes her romances the way she likes her water slides—lots of twists and turns. The crankier the hero, the better. She also has a passion for quirky history, and indulges that passion via her blog, Haphazard History.

Abigail Potter

Review Maven

Abigail has been reading romance novels for way longer than she'd admit to her mother, and doesn't ever plan to stop. When not working hard to fulfill her high school dream of being a romance writer for a living, you can find her adding to her ever growing list of places to visit, trying crazy recipes in her kitchen with her husband, working on getting her heels to touch the ground in downward dog, and dreaming of living somewhere sunnier than her current home of Ohio.

Terry Newman

Review Maven

When Terry was younger, she had two goals: to be a White House correspondent for The New York Times and to write a novel that would hit The New York Times bestseller’s list. The first goal went unmet, but she’s determined to achieve the second. She feels as if she’s on her way as an author of a romance novel published with Simon & Schuster. She’s a full-time freelance writer and has been one for more years than she’s willing to admit. She has a bachelor’s degree in American political history from The Ohio State University and did graduate work in history at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio. When Terry’s not writing she’s reading historical novels, romances and is now expanding to cozy mysteries. She lives in northeast Ohio with two cats which she inherited (it’s a long story) and all of the characters she ever created. Yes, it does get crowded in her apartment.

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