Two Steps Closer...

by Georgie Summer

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Two Steps Closer... by Georgie Summer
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Kim's life had never been easy, but as she struggles to start over again following the recent catastrophic events and without her soul-mate there to help her get through it, she is desperately lonely and more devastated now than she's ever before experienced in her shattered scarred life.

Coping and accepting everyone's betrayals and lies is one thing but trying to live without the man she had loved beyond understanding is another entirely.

Zane feels he let Kim down by not protecting her enough but isn't prepared to let her go despite some of the terrible things she says to him in an attempt to push him away.

He firmly believes she is the one...but can he convince Kim of the same?

Can love conquer all or are some wounds simply too deep to heal and recover from...

Lies, chances of reconciliation and retribution combine explosively to take those 'Two Steps Closer...'

'Two Steps Closer...' is tagged as:

  • contemporary 5
  • erotica 5
  • suspense 5
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Two Steps Closer... by Georgie Summer