Me and Brad

by Mal Olson

3.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Feb 5th, 2012  | 

Me and Brad by Mal Olson
Liz Jorden is on the way home from adopting a forlorn dog from the Human Society. Daydreaming, she decides to name her new pet after a handsome movie star. It might give him a lift. It certainly would give her a lift to think she'd be spending the evening with Brad Pitt. When she's pulled over for speeding by Sheriff McSexy--Deputy Dan Bartalotta, both she and her Belgian Malinois take a shine to the sexy enforcer of the law. 

Can a canine with a heart-wrenching past possibly be the catalyst that brings a new romance to bloom?  

A lunch break length feel good story. Apx. 5000 words plus bonus excerpts.

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Me and Brad by Mal Olson