My Kind of Crazy

by Nadene Seiters

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 2nd, 2013  | 

My Kind of Crazy by Nadene Seiters
Her father’s dead, she’s found a nude man on his front lawn, and someone is out to get her. Anastasia D’Salvatore has had a rocky past, but she’s just managed to get her life under control, that is, until her father passes away. To make it worse, the man she’s found is a little off. Her first clue is how they met.

Jonah Quinton has secrets that he doesn’t want Anastasia to find out, but they’re out in the open within a matter of days. He suffers from hallucinations in the form of a man who looks similar to him and goes by the name of Tom. He feels obligated to protect the daughter of the only man who understood him and treated him like a son, Mr. D’Salvatore.

Warning: There are a few scenes in this book that might not be suitable for children.

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My Kind of Crazy by Nadene Seiters