37 Photographs

by Sophie Nicholls

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37 Photographs by Sophie Nicholls
From the author of Kindle Top 5 bestseller The Dress comes a modern romance with a transatlantic flavour.

Sidney Stone's heart is broken but she's finally free for the first time in her life. She may be all alone in the world (except for her housemates - one of whom is seven-years-old) but she has brains, attitude and a year-long scholarship to study poetry in Scotland.

A year away from Stanford, her childhood home, should give her plenty of opportunity to figure everything out. Except that she quickly realises that she's more confused than ever.

What does Sidney really want?

Is it Fraser, her handsome new Edinburgh classmate with the swanky apartment, the vintage sports car and a slightly dubious past?

Is it ditching school altogether to travel around Europe, taking a chance on an exotic new life, like her old high school friend, Jem?

Or does she just want to be on her own with her camera, her journal, a bottle of wine and an anthology of forgotten female poets?

Sidney can't make up her mind. And then she travels to Rome for Christmas and meets Antonio. Tall, dark, passionate and Italian, with great taste in restaurants and terrible taste in poetry, he just might be everything she's looking for. Except that he has other ideas.

This is Sidney's story, told in her own words - and 37 photographs.

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37 Photographs by Sophie Nicholls