Digital mind jail

by Gojim Oavin

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Digital mind jail by Gojim Oavin
A totally digitalized 30th century. Gredi Okki believes that the environment is created for each resident almost perfectly. He lives with a perfect woman Jean. Gredi has his way of career selected from childhood. External digital environment gives the most impressive architectural views and various entertainments that are individually suitable for each person’s brains.

Yet, idyllic life dramatically changes when Jean meets girl who saw real environment. Gredi attempts to figure out all details about hidden reality behind digital veil and gets into discovering secrets that changes his all overview. Gredi becomes like a stranger man in his own home.

“Digital mind jail” is futuristic science fiction ebook about masterpiece scenario of future world control. The text is written in a light style lets to feel each moment that characters experience. A human being is like awakening from ideal dream and perfect view of the world through digital ind’glasses veil.

The scifi book is like a history page cut from the future. Information is a notice about humanity life in reality which is being sold. WARNING it‘s already starting in Earth...

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Digital mind jail by Gojim Oavin