Shattered Trust

by Deborah McClatchey

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Shattered Trust by Deborah McClatchey
Shanna Blaine was holding out for that perfect man. For someone who was exciting, gallant, and would love her madly in return. When she laid eyes on sexy Alex Jordan, she thought her dreams had finally come true.

However, Shanna chose to overlook that all important intuitive voice, choosing to put her new husband high on a pedestal and pretending everything was just fine. But things were not fine. And when the truth about Alex unexpectedly reveals its ugly head, the hurt was so unbelievable! She was such a fool to fall in love so hastily!

Shanna swore never to give in to passion again ... it was too painful. She could not trust herself to pick the right man. Shanna decided to live out her remaining years alone, but eventually knew that would never work. She was too much of a hopeful romantic to go without love!

Then along came Rob Elias, local veterinarian. It was love at first sight when he laid eyes on lovely Shanna in the park. His only job now was convincing her that she could trust and open her heart once again.

Shanna has her doubts about Rob until Alex re-enters her life with a dramatic flair, bordering on insanity, to try to win her back. Can she escape him? Can she reach Rob to come to her rescue and save her before its too late?

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Shattered Trust by Deborah McClatchey