Dead in Bed

by Cameo MacPherson

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Dead in Bed by Cameo MacPherson
Fairy tales do come true.

Lizzy Blaine always wanted to be a princess. She wanted it so much that she was willing to submit herself to endless hours of baton-twirling, swimsuit-wearing, and insincere eyelash-batting agony to achieve it.

And now, it’s finally paid off.

So what if it was a zombie beauty pageant? Zombies are people too, you know… more or less. And it’s not like the crown was made up of dead body parts or anything. Lizzy wouldn’t have entered if it was.


Anyway, all that really matters is that Lizzy got her (non-decaying) crown and the wonderful things that came along with it. Things like pretty dresses…the adulation of her subjects…and, best of all, a handsome prince. A prince who seems to be just as interested in her as she is in him.

Lizzy is determined not to screw it up this time. Somehow she’s going to find a way to live happily ever after. Even if that means dealing with the prince’s evil father and a ravaging horde of zombies that are trying to kill them all.

Hey, no one said being a princess was easy.

Just fun.

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Dead in Bed by Cameo MacPherson