Second Chances

by Deborah McClatchey

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Second Chances by Deborah McClatchey
Joyce Westfield thought she had it all. Married to her high school sweetheart and being a housewife was what life was meant to be ... or was it? Joyce eventually finds out that first loves aren’t always the answer to a woman’s prayer. It saddens her that her weight had become an issue, causing her marriage to fail.

When her marriage takes a miserable turn, Joyce decides she’d better start taking action to prepare herself for the inevitable divorce. She develops her talents as a baker and creates a thriving business, earning a decent living. Soon she discovers the ‘maturing and confident woman’ hidden inside herself.

She eventually learns Rob is cheating on her with another woman; but Joyce can’t seem to let him go. By chance she meets Kevin Adams, a charming young man, who changes her perspective on life and love. She nearly loses him over her many foolish decisions involving Rob. Can she salvage the marriage, or is it really worth the trouble?

Nevertheless, Kevin is truly in love with Joyce and is willing to give her all the time she needs to make her choice. For Joyce, a second chance can mean finding love, happiness, and sought-after dreams that can come true … when you are with the right person. Which choice will she make?

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Second Chances by Deborah McClatchey