by Michele Shriver

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Dissonance by Michele Shriver
Kenzie Bolton had it all, or so everyone thought. She was the hottest voice in country music and married to her famous manger. But behind the triumphs, Kenzie lived a nightmare that was hard to break free from. And when she finally did, the hits stopped coming, leaving her new manager searching for a way to get Nashville’s sweetheart back on the charts.

Chad Radcliffe eschewed family expectations, instead pursuing his music dream, and went from playing college bars to platinum success as the front man for A New Horizon, but now one of his band mates wants to take a break, and the soulful rocker needs a new project to occupy his time.

When a producer suggests they team up for a duet, these two musicians from different genres are skeptical. Can dissonance result in beautiful harmony both in and out of the recording studio?

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Dissonance by Michele Shriver