by Jaxson Kidman

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OUTLAW KING by Jaxson Kidman
To survive, I'll have to turn my back on my club - to save her, I'll have to give my life

By the time Lindsey went from a mouth full of braces to a smiling beauty I was already knee deep in the outlaw world. But that didn't stop us from exploring everything wild and dangerous we were feeling. I took her to the edge and back, leaving her with an understanding that no man could ever replace me.

Here's the thing - I get a shot at fixing a part of my past, so I take it. The result puts me behind bars and on death row. Looks like my days are numbered. That is, until I get offered a deal that any man would take. I get a taste of freedom and I go right back right back to only thing I know - Lindsey's perfect and heavenly curved body. Now I'm stuck between protecting my club, saving my woman, and facing my date with the reaper.

This is what happens when you fall into the outlaw world way too young... not to mention falling in love.


Hey darlin'

We meet again. This time it's to experience the world of OUTLAW KING. Just like my previous releases (HARD KNOX & SLAM HER) there are true pieces of me all over this novel. I'm sharing all I've got with you. Please enjoy. You'll never truly understand what it means to know you're holding this book and what you're about to read. Thanks for being part of it.

See you on the other side.

- Jax

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OUTLAW KING by Jaxson Kidman