The House of Scandals, Rogues, and Lovers (Historical Romance Novel)

by Ryleigh Stone

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 14th, 2017  | 

The House of Scandals, Rogues, and Lovers  (Historical Romance Novel) by Ryleigh Stone
Emma Sinclair has always known life to be rough and unforgiving. A poor young woman who lost her father at an early age – she found herself being raised solely by her downtrodden mother. And stranger still, following her father’s death, Emma was forbidden to explore any details of his life.

It is not until Emma’s mother passes away, that the youthful girl begins to discover the truth about her family… despite her mother’s profuse warnings. Emma soon learns that she is the lone heiress of a lavish estate located some distance away, once belonging to her father. With its beautiful grounds and opulent mansion, it is a life the once hopeless lass could only have dreamed of!

Or so she thought…

Upon arriving to the extravagant land, what she thought to be the perfect existence, starts to take on a rather foreboding tone. As Emma is greeted by the elderly housekeeper, and her two handsome twin sons. Men who eye the inexperienced Emma Sinclair with the kind of lusty stares she has never known before. With their strict demeanor and seductive looks, she can’t help but feel an attraction to the mysterious men. However, following a chance encounter at the enigmatic neighboring home, Emma realizes that perhaps her mother’s warnings were not so empty after all.

With her heart being pulled in multiple directions, the thrill of love, and the passion of what follows… Emma unearths a supernatural danger surrounding the estate, and a dark family secret that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear – including herself!

She is conflicted between staying and finding out the sinister details or fleeing the place, especially when she knows that her life is in greater peril with each passing second. And yet there is something that makes her want to stay, to claim her birthright, even if it means the very end to her existence…

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The House of Scandals, Rogues, and Lovers  (Historical Romance Novel) by Ryleigh Stone