Hooked 2: Addicted to A Supreme Love

by Bianca Marie

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Hooked 2: Addicted to A Supreme Love by Bianca Marie
Things have gone from Perfect to horrendous in Denim’s life.

The man who helped her, who became her saving grace, is now the man who’s caused all of her pain. She doesn’t think she could ever forgive Supreme for his role in her parents' death, but they say that word love is a strong magnet. And when two people's chemistry is magnetic, it's impossible to let it go that easily.

Supreme loves Denim with all his heart. He’s done some things in the past that he’s not proud of, but he only wants her forgiveness. When enemies came lurking from the past, Supreme has no choice but to do what he has to do in order to keep him and his family safe. Hopefully, Love shall reign supreme, but if it doesn’t, someone has to lose. And Supreme is determined it won’t be him.

Then you have Unique. She has a thirst for revenge that she’s not letting go. She just can’t shake the thought of Choppa getting one over on her. She was raised as a goon, but goons have hearts too. And hers is broken by the man she loves without a doubt. She only has herself to blame when a secret comes out about her that she’s been holding back for years.

Black doesn’t know which way to go with Unique. One minute, she wants to be his lady, and the next minute she wants to be a killer in the streets. He’s tired of the back and forth, but when her secret is revealed, he doesn’t know if he can move past it.

In this installment of Hooked, these two couples go through the rollercoaster ride of emotions. Come and take a ride with them as they try to figure out is love even worth it?

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Hooked 2: Addicted to A Supreme Love by Bianca Marie