Agent Alpha

by Tamara Clarke

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Apr 19th, 2010  | 

Agent Alpha by Tamara Clarke
Rhodes is a man used to having his orders obeyed. When the red-headed sniper joins the team of elite special agents, Rhodes has a difficult time dealing with her. She's smart and fast and gets under his skin like no one else.

Maddy is the newest recruit. She works hard and thrives on the high-stress action the team is constantly embroiled in. But there's something about the boss that makes her uneasy. Is it just because he's the man in charge? Or is it something else, something more?

When someone tries to have them killed, twice in a single day, Rhodes and Maddy have to find a way to get along. They have to push aside their feelings of frustration and...desire. Can they do it? When outside forces threaten to expose and eliminate the entire team, will they find a way to deal with their growing attraction? Or will they be driven to distraction, putting all their lives at risk.

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  • suspense 5
  • contemporary 5
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Agent Alpha by Tamara Clarke