Bucketlist: Belonging Series Book 1

by MJ Cage

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Bucketlist: Belonging Series Book 1 by MJ Cage
You know those games best girlfriends play with each other? The ones where they ask each other what the dirtiest thing they’ve ever done sexually is? Well, let’s just say, I’m kinda glad my best friend is a guy, because my answer to the question would be a solid NOTHING. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool virgin—no ménages, no mile-high club, no reverse cowboys or doggy style, nothin'. I’ve thought about it, though. Boy, have I thought about it.

But one life-changing visit to the doctor, and suddenly, all my daydreams and wicked, wicked fantasies seem so much more important, almost like I have to fulfill them. After all, when you’ve been given 6 months to live everything becomes crystal clear, or it did until the hallucinations started. With my day on a countdown and my mind mixed up about things that shouldn’t be real who else would I turn to but my best friend.

Ty, my panty-melting best friend, is making it his mission to help me fulfill my bucket list before I go—but this isn’t any ordinary bucket list.

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Bucketlist: Belonging Series Book 1 by MJ Cage