Of Dark and Bright

by Kate Sherwood

4.06 · 12 ratings · Published: Mar 25th, 2012  | 

Of Dark and Bright by Kate Sherwood
Sequel to Out of the Darkness

Jeff, Evan, and Dan have been living happily together for the past two years. They still have problems, especially between Evan and Dan, but they’re mostly able to convert the interpersonal disagreements to sexual tension—and then resolve it—so nobody’s complaining.

Then Dan’s long-lost sister shows up seven months pregnant and on the run from the law, and the situation goes from complicated to overwhelming. Jeff and Evan want to help, but with Evan fearful for his own sister’s safety and Jeff struggling to keep his health issues under wraps, they’re a little distracted. As Dan's sister struggles with her past, Evan's seems intent on gambling with her future. With emotions and family ties pulling them in different directions, the threesome have to hold together—or the people they love may tear them apart.

'Of Dark and Bright' is tagged as:

  • m-m 5
  • contemporary 5
  • western 5
  • age difference 5
  • angst 5
  • cowboys 5
  • menage 5
  • erotica 5
  • historical 5
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Of Dark and Bright by Kate Sherwood