Sunshine & Shadows

by K.C. Wells, Meredith Russell

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Sunshine & Shadows by K.C. Wells, Meredith Russell

From kids to adults.
From BFF to lovers.
Except life is never that simple.

Oh My God, Stephen Taylor grew up to be gorgeous.
He called me feather-brain like he did when we were kids, and it was like he’d never left.
Except back then I wasn’t in a wheelchair.
Come on, Stephen. I haven’t changed. I’m still that glass-half-full kid you remember, honest.
Please, be different? See past the freaking chair?
Of course, what would make it goddamn perfect would be if you turned out to be gay, as well as tall and beautiful.
Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Oh my God, he hasn’t changed.
He’s still full of sunshine like he was as a kid.
He wants to know what life was like in California, but there’s only so much I can share.
I’m not going to tell him what I’ve been through. He doesn’t need to know I have lousy taste in men.
Why couldn’t just one of them have been like you, Jamie?
Because I could so fall in love with a guy like you.
Only one thing wrong with that – you wouldn’t want a guy like me.

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Sunshine & Shadows by K.C. Wells, Meredith Russell