Ghost Walk (Haunted Souls #9)

by Pandora Pine

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Ghost Walk by Pandora Pine
Ghost Detective Jude Byrne is enjoying a night out with friends and family on one of Salem’s famed ghost walks. It’s all fun and games until the last stop of the tour when he comes face to grave with Salem’s resident vampire, Kingston Gamble. The vampire tomb has several safeguards, including a grave cage, meant to keep him resting in peace.

Psychic Copeland Forbes senses a presence he’s never felt before in the old boneyard. Rattled by the experience, he rushes his family home, only to dream about the bloodsucker. Convinced the century-old creature of the night is waking up, Cope is anxious and on high alert.

When Kingston somehow escapes his fortified grave, it’s up to Jude and Cope to find the vampire. Along the way, they meet up with an old friend, Luca Pennington, who knows a thing or two about being Salem’s resident vampire.

Can Jude and Cope stop the vampire and the evil plan surrounding him, or will they become the newest attractions on Salem’s ghost walk?

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Ghost Walk by Pandora Pine