Risking It All

by Krissy V.

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Risking It All by Krissy V.
One night with a stunning, but mysterious beauty. Those were the terms of the corporate masked ball's annual charity auction. Of course, Daniel Trevant won: he was the boss, he was determined, and he always got what he wanted. But this time, what he wants isn't quite what he'd expected... his own personal assistant lurking behind the mask of a very sensual, mystery woman.

Amber Cole knows how the corporate world treats beautiful women: as showpieces who are never taken seriously or given credit for their talents of the mind. Determined not to allow her looks to keep her from her goals, she's spent the past three years in Daniel's employ, hiding behind a disguise of unattractiveness even he didn't see through—until the auction.

Now, he sees her for the beautiful young woman she is and she realizes he's not the all-business corporate shark his predecessors had been. But when push comes to shove, will he value her brain as much as he desires her body, or will power in the workplace take the highest bid?

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  • super rich hero 2
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Risking It All by Krissy V.