Bossy : Interracial Romance Story Collection

by Florian Green

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Bossy : Interracial Romance Story Collection by Florian Green

Kind is good. Bossy is better.

Get ready for a spicy assortment of adult tales from Florian Green, a Scottish author helping readers with their literary needs.

Bossy is six stories, divided equally into BMWW and BWWM. From short, intense erotica to long, slow-burn adventure romance, this collection is sure to satisfy your inner boss.

Princess or professor, office worker or nurse. It doesn’t matter. The urge to take charge can wake inside any woman. Discover what happens when handsome alpha males hand over the reins of control, within the pages of Bossy.


“Cleansing ritual?” Booker asked, over heavy slap and splash.

“Yes. Before hunting or battle, our braves bathe here, to let the sacred water wash away any hidden fear,” replied Tinotenda.

He stared at the waterfall. Surrounded by steep cliff face, water gushed from the central edge in a frothy white flow, battering onto the rock pool’s shimmering surface. There was a grassy embankment shaded with trees next to the path where they’d entered. She was sat on it cross-legged and picking little white and yellow flowers from between green blades, beside a pile of leather packs and weapons.

And the two tribesmen’s clothes. They were already swimming and bathing in the pool, naked. With everyone geared up and ready to trek, he’d expected to be led out one of the gates. Instead they’d stayed within the palisade encirclement and followed the big man up a steep hill. Before he’d stripped and stepped into the water, Jaheem had suggested that all braves—regardless of their origins—should take part in the cleansing ritual.

“So”—she gestured up and down his body with the tips of her palms— “undress. You can leave your clothes beside me. I won’t steal them,” she said with a bite of her lower lip.

“Just take off all my clothes, here in public, right in front of a lady?”

“Yes,” she replied with a tut, as if he’d asked a silly question. The mouth wasn’t betraying pleasure in his situation, but her eyes were telling a different tale.

“And you’re just going to sit here and watch me? You don’t have to cleanse too?” If he was going to give a show, he preferred to receive one in return.

“Only men are considered as braves. A woman cannot do the ritual. And women in Yakanaka only reveal themselves to their husbands.”

“Well, ain’t that a fine double standard if I ever heard it.”

“Welcome to Yakanaka,” she said with a playful laugh. “Now don’t be shy. Get undressed. I won’t look…much.”

No cheating. Distinctive characters. Worlds painted with rich language.

Intended for a mature audience. Bossy contains explicit material unsuitable for anyone under 18.

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Bossy : Interracial Romance Story Collection by Florian Green