Baseball Bride

by Penny Wylder

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Baseball Bride by Penny Wylder
It started as a fake marriage.
Can our love become a homerun?

He was a top baseball star from Canada. Until an injury sidelined him.
My job was to help him recover, get him back on the field.
I didn't expect to fall for him.
For his mouth to be as hard as his muscles.
Or for him to ask me to marry him...
I definitely didn't plan to say yes. I'm head over heels for a guy I just met, and if I don't wear his ring, he has to go back to Canada. I don't want to lose the way he makes me feel, not yet.
So I said yes.
Now my world is upside down as our pretend relationship walks the edge of too real and too convenient. Is he using me for his career? Was this all a game?
Maybe I did this for the wrong reason.
But what's the right reason to fall in love with a stranger?

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Baseball Bride by Penny Wylder