Insta Love Alpha Boss Box Set: Books 1 to 5

by Hope Paris

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Insta Love Alpha Boss Box Set: Books 1 to 5 by Hope Paris
One Night. No Limits

Craving Her Curves (Book I)


“When my financial right hand leaves me hanging right before the biggest meeting of my life, I’m furious. I need someone to replace him NOW—and the only person left at this hour is Melanie. I barely even know her – but since I walked in, I can’t stop looking at her…”


"I take a few deep breaths before I leave the cubicle. I hurry out, only to run right into someone. The air is knocked out of me as they grab me. I look up and everything seems to stop.

Oh God. Jason Ford."

She’s a wholehearted girl struggling to support her family.

He’s her hot billionaire boss with his business on the line.

When Jason ropes Melanie into helping him in a multi-million dollar business meeting, she seems like the perfect stand-in. There’s only one problem. After just an hour in her company, Jason is dying to know what her curvy body looks like with nothing on…

She was mine. So I thought

Loving Her Curves (Book II)


I should fire her... But after everything that’s happened between us, I can’t let her go. But she’s lost my trust and my business is at risk. How can our relationship survive now?


My sister has jeopardized everything. I can’t afford to pay her bail anymore. I can’t bear to lose Jason. He could fire me at any second. But given half the chance, I’d do anything to save my family from homelessness...

When Jason catches Melanie’s sister stealing from his business, suspicions run wild and their relationship is soon on the ropes. Jason’s not the kind to forgive easily. But there’s only one problem. He’s craving her like never before and wants to grab her body… with nothing on it.

First he craved her. Now can he love her?

Obsessed With Her Cuves (Book III)
* The heart-pounding romance continues in the third book of this Amazon bestselling series. *

Will she risk everything for love?

I can’t let Melanie go. Her sister Claire might be trying to destroy everything she’s worked for, but we have to take a chance. I need to convince her that this is becoming something more for me. Claire might be her sister, but I’m her boss…

Claire smirks. “Be careful going back down, Melanie. That fire escape is rather… unstable.”
I’m happy to get off the roof. I’ve said what I needed to say. I turn to find the fire escape directly behind me. Relieved, I reach for the ladder.
Then I feel someone shove me from behind...

How binding is a deathbed promise?

Craving Her Love (Book IV)
★ The exhilarating romance continues in the fourth pulse-pounding book of this Amazon #1 Bestselling series. ★

Mr Salazar gives me a slight nod, not offering me his hand. I’m on alert. Every time we’ve met before, he’s always shaken my hand. Not this time.

My mind starts racing. The image of my mother on her deathbed flashes in front of my eyes...I promised her this. I can’t live with such a failure on my conscience.
I wish Melanie was by my side. I need her...

Jason is already gone. The door slams shut behind him. Now I’m left sitting on his couch, alone.
Feeling like a discarded piece of trash.
Just when I thought my life was starting to turn around...
And as for Claire...I wish I had the strength to deal with her. I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop her before it gets too far…

When a strange call from Jason's top investor throws a wrench in his most important project, his confidence is put to the test. With tensions mounting and his business hanging in the balance, can their love survive another storm? And what will happen when a deathbed promise is thrown into the mix?

It's going to break my heart when I walk away...

Her Curves For Life (Book V)
★ The epic conclusion to the romantic saga and Amazon #1 Bestselling series. ★

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Insta Love Alpha Boss Box Set: Books 1 to 5 by Hope Paris